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Simba & Truffles

Simba (orange & white) & Truffles (chocolate & grey) are both share the same foster home. Simba is very confident & loves attention. Truffles is very shy but with the help of Simba, Truffles is growing more confident! Both cats suffer from upper respiratory issues that we have treated but will affect them for the rest of their lives. This makes them harder to adopt out but they are the best of friends! Please share & let's see if we can find them a home together!!! If interested in adopting Simba, Truffles or both cats please fill out an application on our website

Find out how you can help Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue get a shelter!

Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue are looking for emergency fosters to take care of animals that have nowhere else to go & no one to care for them.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Our main aim is to build a shelter so we can help more lost and found dogs & strays, If anyone is willing to donate or help in any way feel free to send us a message.