About SAAR

We are a non-profit organization that has served the Hanover region since 2013. Our volunteers are the lifeline of our organization, and our rescue is committed to finding "forever homes" for abandoned, homeless, and surrendered companion animals.

Rural Animals Management Services out of Oakbank works closely with our organization, and we receive, foster, and adopt a large percentage of their stray animals each year. We currently receive animals from Steinbach, Hanover Region, Ste Anne, Piney, and La Broquerie. 


Our organization receives dogs, cats, and bunny rabbits.  In 2019 we supported 175 animals, including a small percentage (less than 1%) of pets who were so severely ill that they had to euthanize.  2020 was an equally demanding year of support, with 210 animals requiring our services.  On average, we are processing upwards of 15 to 20 animals every month.

Steinbach Animal Rescue has successfully cultivated a large group of foster homes that regularly receive and help us manage animals until they can be adopted. Their stay can range from one month upwards to a year. This group of twenty-five homes makes possible the service we provide to the community.  But as generous as our public has been in offering aid, we are faced with having to reject 75% or more of the calls we receive for support. Our foster homes are continually operating at capacity with waitlists for openings.


We are so fortunate that we have within our infrastructure, a diverse set of business owners who see the value of what we do and generously commit to supplying medical aid, prescriptions, food, and other essential care items at a discount or no charge. 

"Communities must be educated and proactive in controlling the stray animal population so disease spread to humans and other animals is minimized."

Our Board Members


Michelle Neufeld



Sandra Watson

Vice President & Adoption Coordinator


Sheila Riediger



Samantha Trickett



Kamryn Pidsadny

Social Media Chair & Animal Intake


Graham Pollock

Foster Coordinator


Casey Pidsadny

Financial Advisor


Brent Bekiaris

Public Relations & Fundraising


Kirsty Hallett

Foster & Fundraising


Our Mission

We RESCUE the mistreated,

we SAVE the injured and

we LOVE the abandoned. 


Our Vision

To manage the pet population and control disease within our community and surrounding area. 


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