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Kitten                     Under 6 months $150.00
Cat                         Over 6 months $110.00
Senior Cat             (7yrs+) $  50.00

NOTE: All cat adoption fees include 6 vaccinations (3 if under 12 weeks), deworming, spay/neuter, and tattoo.


Puppy                    Under 6 month $350.00

Dog                       Over 6 months $300.00

Small breed dog  Over 6 months $350.00

Senior dog            (7yrs+) $250.00


NOTE: All dog adoption fees include 2 vaccinations (3 if under 12 weeks), deworming, spay/neuter, tattoo, and

heartworm/Lyme test.

Steinbach and Area Animal Rescue

Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue Inc. is a non-profit organization. We are 100% volunteer-based & our rescue is dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned, homeless, and surrendered companion animals. All of the animals in the care of Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue Inc. are in foster homes, one day we hope to have a permanent shelter for homeless animals in the southeastern Manitoba area.




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